PETRAFLATE Nitrogen Tire Inflation

Why PetraFlate

Tires inflated with PetraFlate nitrogen can last up to 50% longer than those inflated with regular air. Vehicles riding on nitrogen inflated tires can enjoy fuel economy increases of up to 10% and a reduction in the likelihood of a tire failure of up to 75%.

Nitrogen is an inert gas which means it is an element that is without properties or the ability to react…which is exactly what you want in your tires and wheels.

Air, on the other hand, is comprised of about 79% nitrogen, 20% oxygen and 1% "other gases." It's this 21% of oxygen and other that make it such a poor inflation product for tires and wheels. Oxygen is essential for human survival; however, it is a contributing factor in oxidation. Oxidation, causes rust and corrosion, and these are destroyers of anything composed of rubber and metal…like your tires and wheels.

Without oxygen, it is impossible for oxidation to occur.

The oxygen in regular air leaks or "permeates" through the walls of all tires. It is normal for an air filled tire to lose 1-3 "psi" of pressure every month. Nitrogen filled tires typically lose NO pressure over a one month period.

Properly inflated, oxygen free tires ride better, run cooler, are safer, last longer, provide better fuel economy and reduce your carbon foot print.

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