PETRAFLATE Nitrogen Tire Inflation


PF-1200 - Nitrogen Inflator Machine

The PetraFlate Nitrogen Inflator Machine PF1200 combines the latest in high performance nitrogen generation with leading inflation technology. Designed to cover every application of digital nitrogen inflation from small passenger cars to large commercial vehicle tires in very demanding environments.

  • • Mobile to allow efficient and flexible positioning and usage
  • • Nitrogen purity check point
  • • Internal tanks meet EEC standards
  • • Hoses supplied
  • • 1 purge inflation cycle from flat
  • • 2 purge inflation cycle as standard
  • • Electronic preset tire inflation with LCD display
  • • Height: 53”
  • • Width: 23”
  • • Depth: 18”
  • • Weight: 341 lbs.
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9PFCAP/9PFCAP2 - PetraFlate Nitrogen Caps with Roadside and Road Hazard Warranty

PetraFlate is a high purity nitrogen gas. The magic is in its simplicity. PetraFlate has been cleaned and stripped of all contaminants, particulates, oil, water, and oxygen leaving an inflation medium that is pure and stays put.

PetraFlate is approved by all major tire and vehicle manufacturers and is used in aircraft and race cars worldwide.

Advantages & Uses:
  • • Improve fuel economy by 10%
  • • Can increase the life of tires by 50%
  • • Reduce the likelihood of tire failure by as much as 75%
  • • Reduction in your carbon footprint
  • • Improved handling
  • • Enhanced safety
  • • 1 year roadside assistance
  • • 1 year road hazard coverage

PetraFlate with its large molecular structure wont seep through your tires like regular air and its inert qualities prevent oxidation and reduce wear. Properly inflated, oxygen free tires last longer and provide better fuel economy. Includes one year roadside assistance and road hazard warranty.

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