PETRAFLATE Nitrogen Tire Inflation

Member Registration

Welcome to the club! The PetraFlate Auto Club is a FREE program provided to you when you make a qualifying PetraFlate purchase. Enter your PetraFlate Registration Number below to register for your FREE one year membership and to become eligible to receive benefits. Once registered, you may enjoy*:

  • - Tire Repair and Replacement Coverage
  • - Wheel Repair Benefits
  • - 24 Hour Emergency Towing Service
  • - 24 Hour Emergency Road Service
  • - 24 Hour Emergency Fluid Delivery
  • - 24 Hour Emergency Battery Service
  • - Lost Key or Lockout Service
  • - Travel Benefits
  • - Theft and Hit & Run Protection
  • - Trip Routing Service
  • - Trip Interruption Coverage


* Complete details are provided upon customer registration as benefits may vary.

Use your service registration number received at the time of your PetraFlate service to register.